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Contact us at to receive our First Steps with Mobile Engagement whitepaper to learn how SMS text messaging can help your members close care gaps.

You know your members best. Leafpoint helps you engage them easily and effectively.

Mobile engagement for Medicaid MCOs, Medicare plans and public health organizations.

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SMS Campaigns

Better health starts with better health engagement, and today’s healthcare consumer is mobile.

Personalized, interactive (two-way) SMS dialogues promote positive messages and healthy behaviors like vaccinations, well-child visits, and screenings.

Texting on Mobile Phone

Triggered Dialogues

Adding SMS messages and dialogues as part of your member or patient workflow improves prescription refill rates and reduces the number of missed appointments.


Mobile Web

Mobile web applications extend your engagement reach beyond messaging and are designed to present a rich experience with information in a readable, action-oriented format. Unlike native mobile apps, mobile web applications require no app-store access or installations.


Consumers are one click away from an informative and engaging mobile experience.


No messaging platform is complete without the reporting and analytics your organization needs to measure results and to drive better outcomes for your members.

The Leafpoint platform is underpinned by a robust data model built specifically for reporting, data visualization, and analytics.

From day one, our technology team started with a focus on integrations and connectivity. We asked the question: “What kind of data do our customers want to use, and how do we fit into that?” Our commitment to our customers is a well-architected data model that is simple to access and use.


“Health plans, especially those focused on Medicaid and Dual Eligibles, should consider creating more access points, potentially staffed by care extenders, deep into communities that address the drivers of health, enabling better access to traditional care as well as access to food, educational resources, connections to other social services agencies, and information.” - Deloitte 2020 Survey of US Health Care Consumers

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